Why we do it

In DxIT we believe that the companies needs to be focused on their core business and not necessarily on the IT (Technology, Data, Application) that the company needs to archive their goals.

Essentially, the IT department is a collection of persons who are experts when it comes to electronic communications of all kinds. In addition to understanding what forms of electronic data, visual, and audio communication are available, the IT department will be able to evaluate available services and determine which services and vendors can provide the best equipment and service support for the company. Along with making determinations about what equipment to use and which vendors to work with, the IT department will also oversee the day to day operations of all electronic communication devices within the company.

Oversight of all equipment, setting up and making changes to existing devices, and assigning access rights at various levels to key personnel within the company. The competent IT advisory would also ensure that all systems work on high availability bases as ell as there is a workable disaster recovery backup plan and a business continuity plan or strategy in the event that some section of the data, information, department or company should happen to fail. The best IT department teams understand the importance of the healthy continuity of the operations of the company.